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  • 08.08.09 and 09.08.09 Mera Luna in Hildesheim / Germany (More Details)

    I plan my festivals very exactly. Very important is a good time planning. There are not only Bands. There are also Catwalks and Singing hours I want to shoot. Today they changed the line-up a little bit and I looked on the aereaplan I fount the press-room on an other place. (more far away from the stages)

    I made for myself an Excel Sheet with all the startingtimes of the events above.
    I made bold what I really want to shoot. But its to much. Time is not enough. And again I have to decide what I dont shoot.
    I try to shoot my fav Bands, Bands I never shoot, Bands with females on stage and the Headliners of course.
    Now it works a little better.

    Mera Luna Timetable

    I am stating Friday evening with the warm-up Party.
    Saturday some bands, Impressions, Bands again, catwalk, some autographs, Bands
    Sunday the same.

    Additions to my time schedule I have a task list. Most points on it are people to meet. (Artists, Magazins, friends)
    Hm. I hope I find time to speak some words and to drink a beer.
    If not we all have to meet on the Aftershowparty on Saturday.

    It will be a hard weekend I think.

    Martin Black


  • 04.09.09 – 06.09.09 NCN4 (nocturnal-culture-night)

    Its my second time I go to this festival. There are again nice Bands and a lot of friends.
    Who else is coming? Hope to meet you.

    Angels & Agony, Camping im Keller, Diary Of Dreams, Klangstabil, Mantus, Painbastard

    Atargatis, Battle Scream, Das Ich, Die Perlen, Faderhead, Jesus And The Gurus, Rabenschrey, Rome, Suicidal Romance, Spectra*Paris, Tamtrum, The Cassandra Complex

    Crematory, Escape With Romeo, Funker Vogt, Jäger 90, Kloq, Lady Bloody Marry, Nachtgeschrei, XP 8, 32 Crash

    More informations you find here: http://www.nocturnal-culture-night.de


  • 08.08.09 and 09.08.09 Mera Luna in Hildesheim / Germany

    I am looking forward to the Mera Luna festival. There are really some bands I see (shoot) the first time. I go there again for the Dark-Spy Magazin. There are also the Spyderettes who deal out flyers and make pics with the festival visitors.

    I am happy to see again my friends from Frozen Plasma, Heimataerde, Ashbury Heights, Mina Harker and much more …

    Hope to see there some of you.

    Martin Black

    Give me a comment if you go there


  • 18.07.09 and 19.07.09: Amphi Festival @ Cologne

    A lot of Bands. A lot of Fun. I am looking forward to this festival and hope to meet a lot of friends.

    Here you will find some information about the festival:

    Dear Amphi fans,

    with the live program of the Amphi Festival recently completed, it´s about time to unveil the highly anticipated running order. As of now you find the entire schedules for both stages at http://www.amphi-festival.de/2009/bands.html.

    Also confirmed: the running order for the additional Theater-program! Except one slot, which will be filled in the next couple of days, all starting times are listed here: http://www.amphi-festival.de/2009/theater.html. The schedule for the upcoming aftershowparties can be checked at http://www.amphi-festival.de/2009/aftershows.html. Regardingthis we´re happy tha DJ Alexx (Eisbrecher) also gave his ok, to spin at the official aftershowparty!

    Last but not least a quick reminder on the running order of our autograph sessions, stated here at your disposal: http://www.amphi-festival.de/2009/autogrammstunden.html

    We wish you a lot of fun with this program and are looking forward to seeing all of you at the 5th Amphi Festival 2009. The popular original tickets and campingtickets (limited contingent) are available ONLY via the Amphi-Ticketshop at: www.amphi-festival.de. Other ways to get festival tickets are: online under www.dark-ticket.de, via phone under +49-1805- 568200 and at all CTS/EVENTIM, Kartenhaus and Ticket-Online pre-sale shops.

    All the best,
    your Amphi Festival team!

    V. AMPHI Festival – The ORKUS Open Air 2009 – Facts:

    18. – 19. July 2009

    Köln – Tanzbrunnen
    FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM + FRONT 242 + UNHEILIG + COVENANT + LEÆTHER STRIP + LAIBACH + CAMOUFLAGE („The Pleasure Remains“ – Best-Of Show zum Festivalabschluss) + FEINDFLUG + KMFDM + EISBRECHER + HOCICO (einziges Festivalkonzert in Deutschland 2009) + AGONOIZE + THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE + THE GATHERING + SALTATIO MORTIS + HENKE (Oswald Henke spielt Songs von Goethes Erben, Artwork und Erblast) + ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL + QNTAL + DIORAMA + OMNIA + DELAIN + COPPELIUS + MANTUS + SCANDY + SOLAR FAKE + JESUS ON EXTASY + PANZER AG + MARSHEAUX + THE OTHER + ROSA CRVX + MONO INC. + XOTOX + JÄGER 90 + AUTO-AUTO + additional programme & aftershow-parties!!