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  • 3.3.29 Color Deph of your raw file

    If you shot in raw dont forget to check the color-deph. Sometimes your camare let you the choice between differtn color-deph. And it could be, that the default is not the best. (e.g. you can choice between 12 bit and 13 bit) Take the highest to get the best quality. The file will be a little bigger but je get more shading colors.


  • JPG or RAW

    Whith raw you can do more things as with the jpg.

    If you can handle and have time do it in raw.

    • You need more memory
    • You need longer to save the pics to card and to computer
    • You need longer to edit the pic
    • You need special software and knowhow to edit the pic
    • But only somepics are really better than the jpg version

    I do in raw and Jpg only Headliners and Concerts with critical light. Than editing the jpg. If I am not happy I try my raw.


  • 10 easy rules for the first time in the photopit

    Very often I read in forums “I go this evening to a concert. Please help me“.Friendly people wrote back: “goolge helps” or “look in the FAQ“. I think thats very often to much know how to help this beginners really. Of course, if they want and have time they can find and read a lot of very good tips on the web. But if not I have here some very easy rules for the beginners.

    10 easy rules for the first time in the photopit:

    1. Take your best camera with your best lens with the smallest aperture (e.g 2,8)
    2. Use: Iso 800, 1/125, 2,8 in manual Mode in the beginning
    3. Check your shoots and change settings if to bad (to dark or not sharp etc.)
    4. Make a lot of pics because there is a lot of waste
    5. Make most pics from the Frontman. Also between the songs
    6. Security commands are law
    7. Change position and objectives in the pit
    8. Google for the Band and the location to be prepared. Print your Permission.
    9. Time is short in the pit. Concentrate you.
    10. Be friendly to the other fotographers. They can help you.
    11. If you have much more time to prepare….Google and train to make lern more and get better…

  • Prepare oneself for a concert

    • In a German forum somebody asked for Tipps for his first time in the pit.
    • Today I go to a Concert (Tarja)

    This two facts are a good reason to give some Ideas how to prepare for a concert.


    • Print your photoacriditation and note telephonnumerbers of relevant peoples. Sometimes you are not on the guestlist as planned and its good to have something.
    • Check out the Time-schedule. Entrance-Time, Stage-Times. Its not easy. Sometime there are different informations
    • Check out the Location (is there a stage pit? Look for pics in the net. Ask people)
    • Check out the Band (who is important. Do they do anything special? Is the Frontman a righty? Look at some Concertpics from thes band)
    • Load your batteries (camera, mobilephone)
    • Format your memorycards
    • Clean your Equipment
    • Make a strategie/plan how to use your pittime the best way

    Packing List

    • photoacriditation
    • important telephon numbers
    • Mobilphone
    • Camera, memory, batteries, lenses
    • Ear protector (a good one or cotton)
    • Flyers or/and BusinessCard
    • Open Air? You need something to shield your Eqipment (like a plastic bag)

    Before you leave

    • be on time
    • control packing list
    • wear unremarkabel (black) outfit