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  • Editing a very old pic from Krypteria

    _DSC2252-neu-gemacht Kopie

    I prepare myself for my next Festival. The Mera Luna in Hildesheim next weekend. By checking out the Line-up I was happy to find Krypteria on the list. I saw this band only one time more than two years ago on Amphifestival 2007. I am very happy to see this band again.

    I decide to edit one of my old pics again. They were done with my good old Nikon D80. It was an open air and the grain is OK. Here you can see the original pic.

    Krypteria original

    The original is not bad. Ji-In Cho is really a strong wife on stage and is looking very good. But I am not really happy with the colors.

    The original is available in jpg only. I did a lot of things with “selective color” “Hue/Saturation” to reduce the color and make an nice red corset and a nice white skin. But you have to be carful that you not destroy the Hair. With a litte d&b I made some litte effects. Better contrast and more sharpness.

    Krypteria before after

    The result shows, that you can also made with a Nikon D80 a good concertpic if the gig is on an open-air stage.


  • Brighten up dark parts of the pic by using a inverted Layer with „diffuse glow“

    Have a look on the following pictures. On the skirt are to much aereas to dark. With this method you are able to correct this.


    Make a copy of this Layer and put all clours away by using “Desaturate” (Shift-Ctrl-U)


    Now give the pic a Softfocuseffect by using the gaussian blur and a radius about 60


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  • Reduce smoke and repair lost contrast


    McCoy is a righty. To make good pics you will have to be on the right side in the photopit. But on this gig I had another job. Gav King the bassist, has a new guitar. He wrote me if it is possible to make some pics from him with his new instrument. Of course I helped him. But to do that I have to go to the left side in the pit and there were too much photographers to change position.

    After some shots I was sure to have good material for Gav and I changed to shoot McCoy. (from the wrong side) He mostly is direct on his Microphone without much action. And often there is much smoke. Very very much smoke. Thats good for his mystical aura.

    Why this pic?
    The pic I chosed from McCoy is very bad. A lot of contrast is lost by the smoke. But I like his pose and his expression. Here you can see the original jpg.

    FOTN original
    FOTN original

    How to Edit
    The first step is to cut the pic a little bit. But dont loose the 2:3 proportion. Increase the contrast and reduce the colors. There are some parts too dark (hair). You can correct it the best way with gradiationcurves. Reduce the color from the background a little more than the chief motive by using a mask. Make the pic warmer with a little more brown/sepia. Give the pic a border and dont forget the credit. If you want to, you can work with dodge and burn a little more on the contrasts. Ready.

    before - after
    before - after

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